Fetish Porn Site CEO Arrested On Cocaine Charges

peter acworth kink.comPeter Acworth

Photo: AP Images

The man behind San Francisco-based Kink.com was arrested earlier this month on cocaine charges after police stormed his headquarters searching for guns, Gawker reported on Monday. Police were called to fetish porn site Kink.com’s “$14.5 million studio/dungeon” in San Francisco on Feb. 1 after a “concerned citizen” said he saw a video of people shooting guns in the studio, according to Gawker.

Once police arrived, they reportedly arrested CEO Peter Acworth on suspicion of one count of cocaine possession and one count of delaying arrest.

A police representative told Gawker there wasn’t enough evidence to file any gun-related charges. 

Acworth founded his company in 1997 out of his Columbia University dorm room, The Daily Beast reported in January.

The porn site was the subject of the James Franco-produced Sundance documentary Kink, which The Hollywood Reporter describes as “a friendly film about lots of seemingly reasonable people who do terrible things to each other on camera for money.”

But Acworth’s interest in the BDSM-world (short for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism) isn’t purely business. 

“I am kinky,” Acworth told The Daily Beast.  “I’ve always had an intense desire to be tied up, since childhood, so when I discovered bondage pornography around 17, then I felt, I guess I’m kinky, and that’s OK. So I started a business to help people demystify it and help them find their sexuality.”

Acworth did not immediately respond to an email message through the company’s website.

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