Kingsford Charcoal Ads Show American Latinos Rooting For ... Mexico?


Photo: YouTube

Kingsford charcoal, the giant barbecue brand owned by Clorox, is running a campaign on Spanish-language sports channels that shows Hispanics in the U.S. rooting for Mexico as they watch a World Cup soccer game.The ad is unlikely to be seen by many English-speaking non-Hispanic Americans, as the campaign is running mostly on Gol TV and ESPN Deportes.

It’s not a secret, of course, that immigrants of Mexican descent love to see the Mexican national team do well. And the ad doesn’t show anyone rooting against the U.S., either.

In a montage of scenes, the ad suggests that the American dream is all about graduating from school, grilling in the backyard with your family … and painting your face green, white and red; dressing your dog in the Mexican team shirt; and screaming “g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-l!” when Mexico scores.

If you’re an American soccer fan, the ad is jarring because the U.S.-Mexico futbol rivalry is especially fierce. So fierce, in fact, that U.S. captain Landon Donovan once made a funny commercial in Mexico for a lottery in which he was cast as the villain.

And, frankly, it just feels weird to see Americans rooting for Mexico.

Kingsford’s general market campaign is completely different—it shows a man cooking a steak at midnight to satiate the cravings of his pregnant wife. Kingsford’s Hispanic agency is Alma DDB; its general market agency is DDB in San Francisco.

Clorox did not immediately respond to two calls for comment. We’ll update this item if they get back to us.

Here’s the ad, tell us what you think in the comments section below:


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