There’s A Ridiculous-Sounding rumour That The Sacramento Kings Are Moving To Virginia Beach

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Weird rumour from Virginia-based news site Inside Business: the Sacramento Kings are going to announce that they’re moving to Virginia Beach next Wednesday.Comcast will build the arena, according to the report, and Live Nation “is associated with the deal for the new arena and the team’s relocation to Virginia Beach.”

Crazier things have happened, and it’s an open secret that the Kings are trying to move out of Sacramento if they can’t get they city to build them a new arena.

But there are a few reasons to be sceptical:

  • The NBA says the Kings haven’t applied for relocation.
  • The Kings PR guy tweeted this, seemingly dismissively, “Virginia Beach? Huh? @gwiss: @C2KingsPR Is that you comment on Virginia Beach?”
  • Virginia Beach has never been mentioned as  potential destination for an NBA team, and no NBA arena exists there.
  • The report is a bit vague

Matthew Yglesias at Slate wrote that this NBA-to-Virginia Beach idea isn’t insane because Virginia Beach isn’t as small as a bunch of NBA cities when you combine it with nearby Norfolk and Newport News.

But most of the southern-based franchises he mentions — New Orleans, Charlotte, Memphis — are struggling to attract fans.

Plus those places are singular cities rather than ambiguously demarkated metropolitian regions like the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport Beach corridor (under this logic, San Bernadino should have an NBA team).

So yeah, we’re not convinced.

UPDATE: Bill Simmons is hearing it’s bogus: