Remember Jimmer Fredette? He Had The Best Game Of His NBA Career Last Night, And He’s Starting To Figure It Out

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Once upon a time Jimmer Fredette was a budding cult star in the mould of Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin — an underdog demographical misfit in his sport, with a ton of talent and a unique skill set.But in his rookie season for the Kings last year he looked totally overmatched.

He couldn’t get his shot off or get to the rim or, most importantly, stay in front of anyone on defence. He was playing for a bad team in a small-market city, and he quickly disappeared from the sports landscape a year after bursting onto the scene at BYU.

Now he’s starting from the bottom and working his way back to the middle.

His minutes are slowly increasingly, and last night he had the best game of his career, scoring 22 points in 23 minutes on 7-13 shooting in a performance that should serve as an outline for the type player he will ultimately become

In limited minutes this year, he has shown that he can do one thing — score and score quickly. Here are his stats per 36 minutes this year and last (click to enlarge):

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He’s scoring more and has lifted his shooting percentages to an impressive 46.6% overall, 39.5% of 3’s, and 94.4% from the line.

Jimmer will never be a good defensive player, and will never be as big a star as some thought he’d be coming out of college. But these numbers show that he can be an “instant offence” guy in the mould of a poor man’s JR Smith, Lou Williams, or even Jason Terry.

After last year’s debacle, it’s a promising sign.

Here’s a breakdown of his game last night: