Kings Cross Nightclub Tzar John Ibrahim Launches 'Don't Be A Dickhead' Campaign Against Assaults

Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim has released a slickly produced 90-second YouTube ad by aimed at tackling alcohol-related violence, enlisting Bra Boy surfer Koby Abberton and radio presenter Kyle Sandilands in a campaign with the punchline “Don’t be a dickhead”.

Ibrahim begins by saying “this generation is just running wild at the moment” before urging people to “self-police” their actions and saying friends should intervene when violence looms.

“Every group has got a moron in their group; I know I have a few. You need friends to actually step up and step in,” Ibrahim says.

Sandilands makes a cameo, pulling someone away from a fight. Abberton also intervenes in an argument over a taxi.

Abberton and Ibrahim have direct experience with the issue. They have both been convicted of assault.

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