Fans are freaking out over this footage of 'Kingdom Hearts 3' -- one of the most long-awaited games -- that was just shown off at E3

Developer Square Enix surprised fans today when they showed off footage for the long-awaited game “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

If you ask a Disney fan about “Kingdom Hearts 3” they will probably go rabid in anticipation of any news about the franchise. 

For those unfamiliar, the game merges Final Fantasy characters with popular Disney franchises. The role-playing game allows you to travel from one Disney film world to another alongside the likes of Goofy and Donald Duck. It sounds like a kiddie game, but you go from one world to the next as you save the various worlds from being consumed by darkness.

It’s also incredibly nostalgic as it basically let’s you play through the entire plot line of some of your favourite Disney films ranging from “Beauty and the Beast” to “The Lion King.” 

Kingdom hearts II Disney / Square Enix screencapIn ‘Kingdom Hearts 2’ you get to play as a lion! Donald appears as a variation of Simba’s bird friend Zazu.

You get to fight through these worlds with a number of keyblades which you acquire throughout the game (think of it as a fancy sword) as you’re battling off countless of “Heartless,” the name given to the dark creatures in each world.

Fans have been waiting forever for “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Just how long? 

10 years.

“Kingdom Hearts II” came out in 2005. Instead of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” fans have seen countless sequels and prequels on handheld devices including Nintendo’s Game boy and PlayStation’s PSP systems.

The footage looks like typical in-game play for a “Kingdom Hearts” game — you take your keyblade out and slash away at the bad guys. 

The new game footage hones in on all the really cool features of multiple keyblades, and the special moves you can pull off to slay large groups of baddies.

This one turns into a giant blaster:

This one allows you to conjure spinning tea cups (a nice nod to “Alice and Wonderland”):

And, well, this just looks cool:

Not much was said about the game itself. No release date was given, nor were there any plot details or news on what changes players can expect from the sequel. It was solely announced as being in development for next-gen consoles.

The one thing we do know is that we can expect to play in the world of Disney’s 2010 hit “Tangled.”

The last time fans saw footage for “Kingdom Hearts 3” was when it was announced two years back at E3 2013.

So after the new footage dropped, as expected, fans lost it. 




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