Candy Crush Saga Sure Looks A Lot Like This Game Called CandySwipe, And It's Confusing People

Game developer Albert Ransom, founder of CandySwipe, has a bone to pick with, the maker of immensely popular game Candy Crush Saga.

In an open letter to King, Ransom says that he has since learned that King wants to cancel his CandySwipe trademark.

CandySwipe has owned the “CandySwipe” mark since July 2011. King filed for a “Candy Crush Saga” trademark in March 2012, but it has yet to be approved.

In April 2013, Runsome Apps filed a notice of opposition against King’s application to trademark “Candy Crush Saga.” Ransom hasn’t gone so far to accuse King of copying his game, but just argues that his business will be damaged if King is allowed to trademark “Candy Crush Saga.”

Just yesterday, King filed a counter claim to the developer’s opposition, saying that since it now owns the rights to Candy Crusher, it has priority over CandyStripe.

Ransom is upset because he says a lot of people are writing negative reviews of CandySwipe, because they expect the game to be Candy Crush Saga. In light of King trying to trademark “Candy” in the U.S., Ransom is prepared to fight that, too, GameZebo reports.

Take a look at the two games below. What do you think?

Now, take a look at the confusion that has ensued.

Business Insider reached out to King, but the company does not have a comment at this time.

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