Undisputed King of Comment Spam: Newsvisual


A site called Newsvisual is rapidly destroying what might otherwise be an interesting concept.  How?  Through comment spam–advertisements disguised as blog comments.  Check out this clever instalment , posted today on our “Play the Google $200 Billion Market Cap Game!” post:

Wow. That’s impressive when you lay it all out there like that. It couldn’t hurt to also mention that the company likely has pretty substantial corporate ties (Al Gore anyone?). (see newsvisual’s map for details: http://www.newsvisual.com/newsvisual/2007/10/google.html ). When would you predict the slowdown?

This format, visible in about a dozen other Newsvisual spam posts over the past month, is always the same: Breezy intro designed to make ad look like a real comment + newsvisual link.

So, “Karman,” we have a request for you and your sleazy client/employer/pet project/whatever.  Now that we’ve published your spam in our main feed, will you take your bogus ads somewhere else?