The Best Kinect Hacks We've Ever Seen

kinect hack

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Microsoft’s Kinect is changing the way people think about interacting with their electronics, and hackers are pushing these ideas even further.The device works by tracking your body’s movements in real time — turn your hands to steer a car in a racing game, jump up to have your character jump on screen.

The Kinect SDK is open, meaning that anyone who wants to can get his hands dirty and play with the Kinect’s motion tracking, skeleton mapping, and graphics capabilities.

But even before the SDK was released, hackers have found awesome ways to get the most out of this popular accessory.

Here are several of our favourite Kinect hacks that might make believers out of Microsoft sceptics.

A way to control Mario!

A rave-controlled Space Invaders game.

A live-action digital puppet.

A cool liquid-painting demo.

Fight your own shadow!

A spooky ghost effect.

Drawing in 3D space.

Another cool hand-controlled puppet.

Make any surface into a multitouch surface.

Controlling Super Mario Kart by steering with your hands.

A real-time light saber effect!

A weird transformation effect.

Despite its name, this Titty Tracker is totally work-safe.

A weird banana-slapping game.

Minority Report-esque interface interaction

A cool basketball game.

A goofy way to interact with Gmail.

A 3D Tetris game with head-tracking.

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