Still Few Details On Kindle ‘Whispersync’ For mobile phones (AMZN)


One of the most interesting features Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos talked about during today’s Kindle 2 press conference: A new syncing service called Whispersync.

What’s it do? Syncs up your place in an e-book across multiple devices, including the original Kindle, the new Kindle 2, and other devices in the future, such as mobile phones.

The way we see this working: Start reading a book on your Kindle, read the next chapter on an iPhone, maybe skim a bit at work on your PC, and then read more on the Kindle on the train ride home.

Amazon teased this feature in the New York Times last week, and mentioned it today in its press materials. But the company is still sharing few details. Specifically, we’re told that it’ll be an Amazon Kindle service on non-Kindle devices. But that’s about it.

So we don’t know:

  • What phones it’ll work on. Perhaps Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, RIM (RIMM) BlackBerry gadgets, or phones running Google (GOOG) Android.
  • Or will it be a Sprint Nextel (S) exclusive? Sprint is Amazon’s wireless partner for the Kindle’s 3G connection. Perhaps this is something Palm (PALM) and Amazon are working on together for the Palm Pre?
  • How about PCs? Can I read a book in my Web browser or using a Kindle app on my Mac?
  • Does this require mutiple e-book purchases? Is a book for my Kindle 2 the same transaction as a book for my iPhone?
  • Will this open the door for international Kindle usage? Or will it only work in the U.S., like the Kindle?

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