Huge, Up Close Photos Of Amazon's New Kindle Tablet And Readers

jeff bezos kindle fire

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

Amazon’s super-secret mystery tablet, the Kindle Fire is here.And we got to see it at the big press event in NYC.

The bad news: Amazon wouldn’t let anyone play with the Fire or any of the other new Kindles on display. (Boo!)

But we got as close as possible and took a bunch of photos.

Before we get to the star of the show, here's the brand new Kindle Touch. It starts at just $99. No buttons!

So why is the Kindle Touch so cheap? Because it's loaded with ads. Here's what the ads and offers look like

We also snagged a photo of these colourful Kindle Touch covers

We know this is what you really want to see. Presenting, the Kindle Fire tablet

We had trouble getting really close. Here we're seeing a demo of how magazines will look on the Fire

Here's Vanity Fair running on the Fire

When you get your Kindle Fire, all your Kindle books and apps automatically show up here

You can see from this side view that the Fire looks almost exactly like the BlackBerry PlayBook on the outside

Swiping through the library looked super fast. The processor is a beast

What about video? We got a demo of Amazon Instant on the Fire too. But first, a look at the back of the Fire. Sleek!

Here's the Amazon Instant video store. All videos are stored in the cloud and beamed to your tablet. You can also continue watching a movie where you left off on any other Amazon-powered device

This is what watching movies from Amazon Instant will be like on the Kindle Fire

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