Kindle E-Reader Software Coming For Mac, Too

Amazon (AMZN) announced yesterday that it would soon offer an e-reader app for Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows 7 operating system, which launched yesterday. But Apple (AAPL) owners are in luck, too: An Amazon rep tells us that the company is also planning a Mac version of the Kindle software.

This is not a huge step forward for the e-book industry, but we think it’ll be especially useful for students, writers, and journalists, who may want to be able to see a book side-by-side while they’re writing in an app like Microsoft Word or a Web browser.

We’re not sure if you’ll be able to copy and paste Kindle e-book text into another app — that could be seen as a piracy opportunity. But at least it’ll be easier than shifting your eyes between devices to cite an e-book. (And, we hope, searchable.)

Indeed, this could be even more helpful for the success of e-textbooks and e-books in academic settings than the Kindle DX, Amazon’s larger, textbook-friendly Kindle. Most college students are not about to spend $500 on a big, bulky gadget that only does one thing. But almost every college student has a laptop — many of them Macs.

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