Kindle Aftermarket: WTF?

We’ve been trying to figure out how to make a go of this whole “blogging” business, but we realise that the answer has been right in front of us all along: “Review” new gadgets, then sell them on eBay. That’s apparently what eBay seller nwnovelist is doing with his/her “very briefly” used Amazon Kindle, which is now going for $350 more than its $400 list price.

So: Our review Kindle has also been “very briefly” used — a bunch of people in the office have looked at it for a few minutes, and we showed it off to some family members on Thanksgiving, who nodded politely and moved on to turkey. It’s been sitting in our supply closet, unused, since then. How much do you think we can get for it?

Meanwhile, we continue to be baffled by reports comparing Kindle to the next iPod. We admire Amazon (AMZN) for trying to make a usable e-book, but they’re not there yet. And we can’t imagine paying more than list price for one. If you really do want one of these babies, just hold on a few months: We think you’ll be able to get a substantial discount.

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