TWITTER TIMELINE: Kim & Kanye's Glamorous, PDA-Filled Courtship

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestKim and Kanye went public with their coupledom at a Lakers gme in May.

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Yesterday afternoon, Kanye West tweeted, “I wrote the song Perfect B—h about Kim,” in reference to an upcoming single.While the tweet has since been deleted, the post is a classic example of how West’s social media activities have expanded to include Kim Kardashian. Prior to their relationship, Kanye was certainly outspoken, but his private life was more reserved. This duo, however, certainly has social media in common (in addition to a mutual love of Givenchy).

In fact, looking back over the past few months of their relationship, we realised you can pretty much chart everything they did together, thanks to their Twitter and Instagram accounts (well, Kim certainly posts more than her beau). Regardless of how you feel about them, it’s kind of fascinating to watch it unfold in the public sphere.

Click through the gallery below for a complete timeline of one of the most postmodern celebrity relationships we’ve seen yet!

Kanye tweeted a paparazzi shot of Kim getting out of his Mercedes carrying a gorgeous Celine bag and wearing gym clothes. For a guy who doesn't tweet often, this said a lot. Do you lend your luxury vehicles to your girlfriend of a month?

While Kanye's Watch the Throne tour breezed through Europe, Kim let us know she was tagging along by tweeting pictures of Hermes china in London.

Later that night, Kim captured her man from the front row at his concert.

The next day, it was off to Paris for the duo.

After appearing on multiple red carpets at the Cannes Film Festival together, Kim said bye to her romantic vacation with this tweet.

Kim tweeted this shot of her getting out of a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which belonged to Kanye. In another classy twist, she captioned the photo with a Kanye lyric about his conspicuous consumption.

Kim sent out a cryptic tweet a day later which was accompanied by a dramatic photo of Yeezy onstage.

The two weren't apart for that long, because soon after they were wearing matching Air Yeezy 2s, the shoes Kanye designed for Nike.

And just like that, it was back to Paris, where they cruised in a Lambo -- until they were stuck in traffic in front of paparazzi for hours.

In the middle of their getaway, Kim tweeted this. We wonder what it's about...

Another dispatch from Paris, this one featuring a garage of Lambos and two Kanye West songs in the caption.

The BET Awards were a big night for Kim. Despite the press proclaiming that Kanye's BFF Jay-Z's wife Beyonce snubbed her, they were seen getting chummy in the front row of the event. Kim expressed her excitement for her man via Twitter, of course.

Most of the fashion world was slightly miffed that Kim made repeated appearances at Paris Couture Week, but she didn't care. She was front row at every show in the designer's duds with Kanye by her side.

Is this really what they wore on the plane?

Kim reflects on a week earlier when she was wearing polka dot Stella McCartney.

Despite the fact that the majority of America has seen Kim having sex, this seemed weirdly personal.

Ah yes, a moving car. The best place to take a picture...

Kim and Kanye sipped Bellinis, with his wrist clad in Cartier and hers wrapped in a Celine cuff. You can't see their faces, but you just know.

While many don't support his fashion line, Kim does. And Kanye retweets it.

Kanye tweeted this gem with Kim in a Tom Ford dress in front of a Lambo. Mercy, indeed.

Kim Kardashian is 31-years-old and has already been married twice.

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