Meet The Dominatrix Who Ties Up And Spanks Wall Streeters During Their Lunch Breaks

Nina Payne

Photo: Photo by Natasha Gornik

Kimi Inch, a New York-based dominatrix and educator who goes by “Ms. Nina Payne” in the Kink world, sees a lot of Wall Street clients. “I feel like there are a lot of men involved in the financial industry.  I definitely do get a lot of them.” 

In case you’re not already familiar, Kink involves things like spanking and bondage-domination S&M (BDSM). 

We first read about Ms. Nina Payne when she was quoted in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago, so we decided to reach out to her to learn more about the Kink business. 

She told Business Insider that her clients are predominately male and include celebrities, politicians, Fortune 500 leaders and Wall Streeters.  She sees teachers, garbage men and musicians, too.

The finance guys tend to come see her on their lunch breaks, she said. 

“I appreciate it because it’s a very stressful job, I imagine, dealing with money and power meetings and closing deals,” she said, adding, “And they come to me with that sort of stress and they just come to let it all go…I had guys call me after a session saying ‘That was great.  I feel like I can go back to work.  I feel clear headed.  I feel like I could be a good husband and father.”

When Wall Streeters come to see her they don’t have to worry about calling the shots and closing a deal, she said. 

However, before she even schedules a session, she likes to make sure there’s good chemistry.

“We speak on the phone a few times because as a dominatrix I don’t just cater to anybody.  I have specific interests and if a gentleman is interested in having a session and it doesn’t fit well I won’t see him,” she said.

There’s no sex or nudity involved and the sessions vary from client to client.  

A session, she explained, can be anything from a guy wanting to give her a foot massage, watch her walk around in high heels or request to be spanked by her.  

“There are so many different types of sessions,” she said.  “It’s also just getting comfortable with the client and knowing what are their limits.  Everyone has limits.  If a guy is like ‘I want you to spank me. Make sure I don’t have marks.’ You have to find this out and respect people’s limits at all times.” 

Her customers return again and again because there’s a huge psychological aspect to Kink, she explained.

“Anyone can spank someone or tie up someone.  If you can get into someone’s head, they’ll want to see you all over and over and over again.” 

Ms. Nina Payne was first exposed to the Kink scene when she was DJing in Tokyo in the early 2000s. 

“I started DJing at fetish parties and had very little knowledge of fetish and BDSM,” she said, adding, “What I’ve seen in the news, it seemed like a very scary world that I didn’t identify with at all.” 

Eventually, though, she was convinced into trying some sessions and ultimately found that it was “fascinating.” She also learned that while there’s a very large erotic aspect, it’s not sex. 

Upon returning to New York City in 2006, she said she realised that the Kink scene in the city wasn’t as far ahead as it was in Asia and Europe.  She explained that the “dungeons” weren’t training the women properly.

“It’s so important that you train safely,” she said.  “They hired me as a mistress teaching these women how to be dominatrices.”  

She then started Domi Dollz (link NSFW), a business that provides educational workshops and brings Kink out of the dungeons and into the mainstream. 

She said when the economic downturn hit, her business as a dominatrix dipped. 

“Being a dominatrix was just a luxury item that people decided they didn’t need to spend money on,” she said, adding, “I feel like it’s back in the public eye.” 

One reason it’s in the mainstream is “50 Shades of Grey” — the hugely popular erotic novel about the S&M relationship between 27-year-old businessman Christian Grey and his younger partner Ana Steele. 

“A book like ’50 Shades of Grey’ has created a platform for people to discuss Kink a little more openly and be more open to exploring it.” 

She added that her business, as an educator, has seen an uptick recently. 

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