Reality TV Star Kim Taylor Has A New Startup, And It Got Her Into A Top-Notch Accelerator Program

Kim Taylor startups silicon valley press photo

Kim Taylor first popped up on our radar with the premiere of Randi Zuckerberg’s “Start-ups: Silicon Valley” reality TV show. 

Taylor shocked the show’s producers when she decided to quit her job mid-season at marketing startup Ampush to start her own fashion company called Shonova. 

Shonova never launched, and it doesn’t seem like it will. 

Instead, Taylor has her eyes set on the education tech market with a new startup called Ranku.

Today, Taylor announced that she joined TechStars’s first-ever education accelerator in partnership with Kaplan. 

“After careful consideration I decided to pursue a bigger idea in the education space I’ve been sitting on since 2009,” Taylor wrote in an email.

Taylor and her co-founder, Cecilia Retelle, are “focused on helping non-profit universities with full online degree programs compete with the University of Phoenix and tying them back to job outcome.”

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