Bravo ‘Start-Ups’ Star: Some Of The Cast Members ‘May Be Insane’

Kim Taylor startups silicon valley nick shah

Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” has received its fair share of reviews since premiering two weeks ago. 

People have criticised the reality-TV show for not depicting an accurate, authentic view of life in Silicon Valley.

“The problem with Start-Ups is that there’s absolutely nothing that’s reflective of the place and culture that is Silicon Valley,” Bloomberg Businessweek’s Sam Grobart wrote. “And that’s the final shame of it, because someone could do a really interesting take on the Valley and what’s going on there now.”

But cast member Kim Taylor told Business Insider that authenticity isn’t really what the show is all about.

“The show isn’t meant to represent all of Silicon Valley,” Taylor says. “This isn’t PBS. It’s Bravo … It’s meant to represent the reality of six people, some of whom may be insane. Thus far they were alarmingly accurate about what I was going through in my life.”

Regarding the feedback the show has received so far, Taylor says she is amused.

“No one laughs about it more than me, well, except maybe the New York tech reporters,” Taylor tells us. “It’s a doc-com”—a hybrid documentary-comedy. “It’s supposed to be funny and over the top.”

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