Why Kim Kardashian’s Reality Show Is A Big Business

Have you ever caught yourself watching mindless reality TV shows and catching up on the rumour-mills floating around in the celebrity world?

Are  viewers living vicariously through the celebrity reality shows? Have their lives become so uneventful that we now rely on second hand semi-scripted drama?

It appears that many Americas have become consumed and anesthetized with celebrity propaganda. Today, tabloid style print media sales are realising a majority of the market-share, it has become self evident we are hooked. 

Fewer and fewer American students now read for leisure as they digitally connect to social media spiraling around celebrity gossip, fashion and trends.

For years American’s financial literacy has been in decline, the current recession has been considered inevitable by many prominent educators across the U.S.and they feel it may get worse. “Celebrity social media has become a hindrance to education, and family values.”

This is due to strong celebrity publicity channels, and it has become big business. To keep ratings and publicity up, many celebrities reveal their most private moments to the viewing public. Many times these incidents becomes mainstream news headlines, distracting viewers form more critical issues concerning restriction on  civil liberties and critical current affairs.

A former reporter with Globe said, “creating headlines is big business.” I was always pressed to find new material, assume countless identities, and on one occasion I posed as a bridesmaid just to get my story.”  

The public demand for these types of inside stories is defiantly there, it has become a new priority of media affairs.

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