Here Is Every Single Line Kim Kardashian Says In Tyler Perry's 'Temptation'

‘A degree on the wall, without labels on your back, is nothing,’ says Kim Kardashian in ‘Temptation.’

Kim Kardashian’s “acting” performance in Tyler Perry’s latest film “Temptation” is already being talked about as a Razzie contender for 2013.

The critics are slamming the reality TV star, here are just a few of the reviews about her latest role:

  • Alonso Duralde of The Wrap: Kardashian is “as nasal and awful an actress as you might imagine.”
  • Peter Sobczynski on “It is perhaps ironic that someone so famous for her curves could deliver her lines so flatly.”
  • Joel D. Amos of “Let’s just say that the question of whether the celebrity gossip maven can act is answered within 60 seconds of her cold absence of any feeling performance.”

Kardashian, who plays, “an image-obsessed clotheshorse whose primary concern is snagging a rich man,” delivers 50 lines throughout the film. Vulture was kind enought to put them all together:

  • “Good morning. Your 8 a.m. is on his way up.”
  • “Ugh, look at those shoes.”
  • “I wasn’t talking about hers, I was talking about yours. They look like orthopedic shoes.”
  • “Judith, we’ve been going over this for weeks. Look around this office, what do you see?”
  • “Look at me, Judith. What you should see is people in this office care about what they look like. UNlike you.”
  • “We have over a billion dollars walking in and out of these offices looking for love, and we have a standard to uphold. And this is not our standard!”
  • “Yes, you do.”
  • “Yeah, you do.”
  • “A degree?”
  • “A degree on the wall, without labels on your back, is nothing.”
  • “Where are you from, new girl?”
  • “Where the hell is that?”
  • “The South. That explains it. You grew up below the Mason-Dixon.”
  • “And you really need an iron to that skirt.”
  • “Say no more. That … that blouse. It’s telling it all.”
  • “What’s wrong with my dress? You don’t breathe in Hervé.”
  • “Oh my God.”
  • “You’re killing me. You don’t know who that is? The third largest social media inventor since Zuckerberg? ClassMeet? What planet are you from?”
  • “She is no madam. You need to bite your tongue. She’s a matchmaker, and she’s very good at her job.” 
  • “Stay right there, I know she was talkin’ to me.”
  • “OK!”
  • [whispered] “Bye. Nice to meet you.”
  • “Do I have any calls?”
  • “Flowers!”
  • “I didn’t know that the 15th was your birthday. Happy birthday, here you go.”
  • “You are so excited about him. That is great.”
  • “Did you try something new? With your hair?”
  • “Unfortunately, I do. Is your fashion icon, like, ‘Delta stewardess’? That’s what you look like.”
  • “Ugh! Is this wool? It’s making me itch.”
  • “A blend of what?”
  • “That WAS a compliment.”
  • “He … he’s on his way up. C’mon. We … we gotta go.”
  • “No, Harley. Come on, we really gotta go.”
  • “Watch my manicure!”
  • “I’m trying to be your friend here, Judith. When people look at you, it reflects bad on me. They don’t think you have a mirror or a friend, and they know we’re friends! My friends don’t look like this! They look like [gestures to self] THIS.”
  • “That’s not makeup. That’s makedown.”
  • “Oh. My. God! You’re wearing flats?”
  • “Push me out of the window, why don’t you?”
  • “H-Harley’s here. C’mon, we gotta go. Enough with the coffee. No coffee break. Nope, nope. We gotta go.”
  • “Hi Harley!”
  • “What? We’re back to this again? Did you not have a good birthday or something.”
  • “He forgot? I thought he sent you flowers yesterday.”
  • “You are forgettable. Honey. You have to make a man remember you. I’ve tried to give you my assistance, but you don’t want it. So, get out.”
  • “Win what?”
  • “Are you kidding. Oh my … thank you. I have been dying to get my hands on this hair. C’mon, c’mon.”
  • “Look. Look at the bag, the shoes, the purses, everything. I dream of this room! Look at this.”
  • “This is the place that Janice sends the girls that she’s not happy with. Where, you know, she sets them up. So, this is what I call Couture Heaven.” 
  • “All right, let’s get started. I have so much to do to you and so little time.”
  • “What do you think of this?”
  • “One that’s never been on your back. It’s called ‘expensive.'”
  • “Wait a minute … those are NOT my hand-me-downs.”
  • “Oh my God. You caught on. Wait a minute, wait! You caught on. Let me see. I am so proud.”
  • “This is my finest moment in life.”

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