Kim Kardashian West Mocks Her Vanity In T-Mobile's Tongue-In-Cheek Super Bowl Ad

Kim Kardashian West Super Bowl T-MobileYouTube/T-MobileKim Kardashian West takes a selfie in T-Mobile’s Super Bowl commercial.

Kim Kardashian West is the star of T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ad, which the brand released online Monday ahead of the big game this weekend.

The 30-second spot sees Kim “Kardashian West, Famous Person” take on a PSA-style of delivery to explain how each month millions of gigs of data are “tragically” taken back from consumers by wireless companies.

Data, Kardashian West explains, that consumers paid for that could have been used to see her makeup, outfits and vacations.

And, yes, there’s a few shots of her (clothed) derriere.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, has a “Data Stash” offer, which rolls over unused mobile data to the following month.

This year’s commercial acts as the follow-up to T-Mobile’s 2014 Super Bowl campaign. Last year the company, which describes itself as the “Uncarrier,” ran three ads, including a simple text-only spot explaining how the carrier had killed off the long-term contract. Ironically, the ad also stated: “Maybe next year, we’ll do an ad with overpaid movie stars.”

And do that they most certainly have.

Here’s the ad:

Here’s one last year’s efforts:

The other two ads starred NFL quarterback Tim Tebow humorously doing things that can only apparently be doing without a contract: Like delivering a baby and addressing the United Nations.

Advertisers are paying Super Bowl XLIX broadcaster NBC between $US4.4 million and $US4.5 million to air a 30-second commercial during the big game this year.

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