Kim Kardashian is selling wrapping paper covered in emoji of her backside

Kim Kardashian launched a store selling products adorned with pictures from her popular Kimoji app today, and if you would spend $35 for a roll of wrapping paper covered in cartoon butts, well, then you’re in luck.

There are currently only two types of products on Kim’s store, wrapping paper and iPhone 6 cases. The phone cases cost $28 or $30, depending on if its for a 6 or a 6+.

Both products come in a handful of styles. The butt Kimoji and infamous cry face Kimoji are options for both. The two other styles for the phone cases are a “LIT” text bubble pattern and a bunch of “send nudes” candy hearts.

The wrapping paper — which, again, costs 35 American dollars for a 24″ by 72″ roll — can also feature a “BAE” text bubble or a Kimoji of her engagement ring.

A roll of wrapping paper costs $2 at Walmart.

Buy Kim’s new products here.

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