Kim Kardashian — Instagram’s Most Followed User — Is Likely Leaving For Rival App

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Kim Kardashian is likely leaving leaving Instagram for a rival app if terms of service aren’t updated by Jan.16.

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With 5,731,011 followers and counting, Kim Kardashian is the most-followed user on Instagram.But with everyone, especially celebrities, up in arms over the photo-sharing app’s updated terms of service, Kardashian is threatening to leave Instagram and take her millions of followers with her to a rival app.

And it’s a lot of followers, considering Justin Bieber has 4.3 million followers — more than a million fewer than Kim — and President Obama has just 1.8 million followers.

“Kim is telling friends she’s considering leaving unless its new policies are drastically revised, ASAP,” reports TMZ. “She’s thinking about shutting down her Instagram account, going to a rival photo-posting company … and taking all of her followers with her.” 

After news of the new service terms broke on Tuesday, Kardashian tweeted her initial concerns:

Kim Kardashian Tweet

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As did Kim’s sister Khloé:

Khloe Kardashian Instagram Tweet

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If Kim leaves Instagram, it’s likely her family members will too, which could be a big blow to the app as Khloe, Kylie, Kendall and Rob Kardashian are all in the Top 10 most followed on the site.

Take one last, long look while you still can:

Kim Kardashian Instagram

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