Kim Kardashian casually listened to another one of Taylor Swift's songs months after the reality TV star declared she's 'over' their feud

Karwai Tang/Steve Granitz/WireImage/GettyKim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have been in a feud for years.
  • Kim Kardashian West shared a video on her Instagram Story from a recent photoshoot. In the video, Taylor Swift‘s song “Lover” from her 2019 album of the same name was playing in the background.
  • The track was playing as Kardashian West filmed two of her friends arguing, before making up with a hug. The reality star said, “Don’t worry, they never stay mad long,” as her pals embraced.
  • Fans were quick to pick up on the music in the background, especially since Swift and Kardashian West have been at the centre of a feud since 2016.
  • Kardashian West was also caught listening to Swift’s “Reputation” single “Delicate” in January.
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Kim Kardashian West was caught listening to a Taylor Swift song.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared an Instagram Story video on Friday from the set of a photoshoot. Swift’s song “Lover” from her 2019 album of the same name could be heard playing in the background.

In the video, Kardashian West was behind the camera filming her friends having an argument before hugging it out. As they embraced, the reality star can be heard saying, “Don’t worry, they never stay mad for long.”

Fans quickly picked up on the choice of music, pointing to the bad blood between Kardashian West and the singer that stems from a 2016 feud.^tfw

Some Swifties shared the video while referencing a 2009 interview where Kardashian West admitted to being the “biggest Taylor Swift fan.”

The drama between Kardashian West and Swift began when the KKW Beauty founder shared videos of a phone call between Swift and Kanye West that showed the songstress seemingly approving lyrics to Kanye’s “Famous.”

The videos were shared after Swift publicly denied her involvement in the song and condemned the line “I made that b—- famous,” which was not discussed in the shared video of the phone call.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian West was spotted listening to Swift’s music. In January, she uploaded a video to Snapchat that had “Delicate” from Swift’s 2017 album “Repuatation” playing in the background.

Kardashian West has since declared that she’s “moved on” from the feud during an appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.”

During the interview in January, the social media maven said she was “Over it,” adding, “I feel like we’ve all moved on,” despite the fact that she hasn’t spoken to Swift about the feud.

Swift has yet to acknowledge how she feels currently on the feud.

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