People are calling out Kim Kardashian for releasing a shapewear line called 'Kimono' and for using only slim models to promote it

Vanessa BeecroftKim Kardashian West’s latest product is getting mixed reactions.

Kim Kardashian West has built an empire with her KKW Beauty line of makeup, and now she’s turning her attention to the clothing market with a new line of shapewear.

Kardashian West revealed her new Kimono Solutionwear collection on Twitter on Tuesday, writing that it’s her “take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work.” She said the shapewear comes in sizes XXS to 4X and is available in nine shades.

Of the inspiration for the line, Kardashian West tweeted that she’s often had trouble finding shapewear that matches her skin tone and would frequently cut hers up to create her own styles.

Kardashian West also revealed the “solution short,” which she said was designed to be worn with dresses and skirts that feature a slit.

Many of Kardashian West’s followers expressed excitement at the announcement, including her famous friend Chrissy Teigen, who appeared particularly excited by the solution short.

However, some people had concerns about the promo photos. While many praised the diversity on display, some questioned why “women of all different sizes” were not used in the advertisements.^tfw^tfw

Others took issue with the name Kimono. A kimono, a traditional Japanese garment with a rich cultural history, dates back to 1615, according to London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Some said they thought Kardashian West’s choice to use the word as a brand name was “tone deaf” since the brand has no apparent ties to Japanese culture.^tfw^tfw

Representatives for Kardashian West did not immediately respond to INSIDER’s request for comment.

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