Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Officially Marks The End Of Rich-Person Recession-Era Modesty

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s NBA beau, Kris Humphries, popped the question last week — and if you’re looking for a sign that the days of recession-inspired rich-person restraint have come to an end, here it is.

Humphries — who told the jeweler all he knew was that he “wanted it to be big” — proposed to Kardashian with a — wait for it — 20.5 carat diamond ring.

It gets better — Kris Kardashian, Kim’s mum, feted the newly-betrothed couple later that evening with a pair of rented, glitter-covered miniature horses.

So, OK! Everyone can stop guiltily stuffing their Gucci purchases into unmarked brown bags now. The era of culturally sensitive modesty has officially come to an end.

UPDATE: That ring supposedly cost $2 million.