Kim Kardashian's tutorial on how to properly get revenge is hilarious

Kim Kardashian Jonathan ChebanKimKardashianWest.comKardashian West and Cheban posted an epic video on how to properly ‘clap back.’

Hard to believe it’s been less than a month since Kim Kardashian West blew up the universe by posting video footage on Snapchat that revealed Taylor Swift
(allegedly) lied about approving lyrics in Kanye West’s song “Famous.” 

Since then, Swift has seemingly been living under a rock — albeit a rock populated with tons of paparazzi and a handsome British actor  —  and we all declared Kardashian West the winner in the ongoing feud.

Yet, while the reality star divulged on her show that she called Swift out to stand up for her husband, we were never privy to the intricacies of Kardashian West’s revenge process. Until now.

In a new video posted to her app and website, Kardashian West sat down with her best friend Jonathan Cheban to take fans behind the scenes of her “clap back” process. To clap back, as defined by the Kardashian dictionary, is to “return fire” or “return a diss,” we learn in the video.

The pair started by explaining what exactly sets them off, with Cheban stating that he hates when people comment that he’s on yachts all the time and Kardashian West revealing that she just can’t stand fake people (ahem, Swift).

“I personally take the high road most of the time,” Kardashian West said in the video. “Like I just don’t care, so I always think, will I be affected by this tomorrow? Will I be affected by this in a week? Will I be affected in a month and in a year? And usually the answer is no.”

So, her advice for people wanting to clap back at someone who has dissed them? “Just do whatever makes you like feel good. Like, if you feel like talking sh– to someone? Go for it,” the reality star said.

The video then displayed a negative tweet directed at Kardashian West from British media personality Piers Morgan, as well as Kardashian West’s clap back response.

Kardashian West and Cheban also discussed her Twitter feud with legendary singer Bette Middler, as well as the epic tweet she posted announcing her Forbes magazine cover, recognising Kardashian West’s work as a mobile mogul. The tweet included the hashtag “#NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent,” which the star says was actually Cheban’s idea.

But at the end of the day, Kardashian West said she has only one philosophy she really sticks with when it comes to interacting with others: “Hey, you do you, let me be me. No need to be rude or like, tear someone else down.”

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