Kim Kardashian wants to be able to edit her tweets and the Twitter CEO agrees it's a great idea

Kim Kardashian’s sphere of influence might be even bigger than we thought

A Twitter product feature she suggested actually elicited a response from cofounder and interim-CEO Jack Dorsey, who called it a “great idea.”

Kardashian proposed that people should be able to edit their tweets for typos, so they wouldn’t have to delete and re-post if they made a small error.

Dorsey apparently thought so too. “Great idea!” he responded on Twitter. “We’re always look at ways to make things faster and easier.”

Indeed, the feature does make sense and would be especially valuable for public figures with huge followings, like Kardashian, or organisations that post time-sensitive stories or event announcements. 

So, yes, great idea, though not exactly a new one.

Twitter employees reportedly told The Desk that they were working on an editing feature way back in 2013 and people have suggested it long before that

Yet, lo, based on the recent Dorsey-Kardashian exchange, it looks like tweet-editing capabilities could finally be forthcoming, and we may have to thank the reality TV star for speeding up the process.  

Here’s the exchange in question: 

 And, with that, Kardashian edges closer to joining the ranks of Taylor Swift, who Apple credited with changing its mind about music streaming royalties.

After Swift wrote a Tumblr post decrying Apple’s decision not to pay royalties to artists during the free, three-month trial period of its new streaming service, Apple Music, SVP
 Eddy Cue said — via Twitter of course — that Apple was caving to her demands. 

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