Kim Jong-un Has Clearly Established Himself As The Real Leader Of North Korea

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Photo: (AP Photo/Korean Central News Agency via Korea News Service)

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, under 30 years old and in power for less than a year, has been letting the world know who’s boss in recent weeks, not only removing (and possibly killing) a general who might have interfered with his plans for the country, but also getting married and showing off his pop-star wife in public.A new report released today the International Crisis Group, titled “North Korean succession and the risks of instability“, says that recent events in the hermit state appear to show that Kim’s succession has been successful, and he could well be in power for decades. The report concludes:

Despite predictions that Kim Jong-il’s death would cause a leadership vacuum or transform the DPRK into a collective leadership or military-run regime, the transfer of power to Kim Jŏng-ŭn is already complete. He relies upon several powerful and trusted advisers, but the senior leadership appears united. No person or group is likely to challenge him. The succession went faster and smoother than many had expected. While Kim Jong-il did not spend as much time readying it as his father, the regime had about a decade to prepare; it learned from the first succession and adjusted the process to avoid the mistake of waiting too long to formalise the transition.

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