Kim Jong-il Returns Home In His armoured Train After A Disastrous Visit With China

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[credit provider=”CCTV”]

Kim Jong-il ended a week-long trip to China today without achieving his major demands, diplomatic sources tell Chosun Ilbo:A diplomatic source in Beijing said on Thursday there were differences of opinion. China is seeking to scrap the development of Hwanggumpyong, an island in the lower reaches of the Duman (or Tumen) River, which it considers financially unviable, and focus investment on Rajin-Sonbong, while North Korea insists on developing both…

Wen was quoted as saying, “China hopes that economic cooperation is achieved through normal business processes and we believe provinces and businesses need to become more proactive.” That is seen as a firm rejection of North Korea’s hopes that the Chinese central government will get directly involved in the projects. North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency did not report the comments.

Kim was also lectured on keeping the peace with South Korea.

Although Beijing supported Pyongyang during the Cheonan crisis and other times, it is keeping the dictatorship on a short leash. Last year Beijing reportedly rejected Kim’s request for a bunch of new bomber jets.

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