Kim Dotcom just made some wild remarks about copyright, Snowden, Sony, and Hillary 2016

Kim Dotcom is at it again — this time via his first televised interview in over a year. 

Unsurprisingly, his views were somewhat controversial.  

The outspoken MegaUpload founder, who is currently on house arrest in Auckland, New Zealand, told Bloomberg’s Emily Chang his thoughts on American politics, the copyright system, and other topics. Here are a few gems from the interview.

Julian Assange will be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare

Dotcom has predicted that 2016 will be a rough year for the newly-announced Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. He tweeted last year that he would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016.”

Now, Dotcom says Julian Assange will be the person bringing Hillary the pain.  “I’m aware of some things,” he told Chang, adding that Assange has “access to information.” When Chang pushed further into what sort of information the Wikileaks founder has on Clinton, Dotcom replied “I don’t know the specifics.”

Why this Hillary hate? Dotcom said that “Hillary hates Julian” because she is an adversary of “internet freedom.” 

He added that he loves both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, calling the whistleblower “a hero.” “He will be remembered in history as one of the greatest people of our time.”

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom being interviewed in his New Zealand mansion

He is against “copyright extremism” 

Dotcom is currently at the center of one of the biggest copyright cases the US has ever seen. Police accuse him of enabling online piracy with his website MegaUpload, and he faced more charges including money laundering and racketeering. As such, the man has some very vehement thoughts on the state of copyright in the US.

“I believe in copyright, but I don’t believe in copyright extremism,” he proclaimed, using Netflix as an example. As he sees it, it’s ridiculous that the US version of Netflix has access to more content that the New Zealand version.

“That is completely unfair,” he said.

Chang asked how Dotcom can strike a balance between the idea of free content for everyone and giving artists their dues. “I don’t see starving artists. They are making a lot of money,” he responded. 

Dotcom thinks movie companies missed a huge opportunity by not offering their content online. If Hollywood distributed content globally for a “fixed monthly fee,” they “would probably have the biggest internet company on the planet.”

Dotcom says that North Korea wasn’t behind the Sony hack

Dotcom vehemently believes that North Korea wasn’t behind the massive Sony hack. In his words, “I don’t believe that for a minute.”

Instead, he thinks it was some “sophisticated group” or even perhaps a Sony insider with access to the servers that executed the huge breach. “It just doesn’t make sense,” the exiled man concluded.

The full interview airs tonight at 7:30PM. 

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