Everything you need to remember before watching ‘Killing Eve’ season 2

‘Killing Eve’ just returned for a second season. BBC America
  • The popular award-winning sexy spy thriller “Killing Eve” is back on both BBC America and AMC, and already renewed for season three.
  • Season two started up this week.
  • Here’s what you need to know (including spoilers!) before you watch season two.
  • Eve is now without her government job, and her ex-boss may be part of the major assassination conspiracy that Villanelle has been carrying out.
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One of “the best new shows of 2018,” the BBC America spy thriller “Killing Eve” finally returned to television on Sunday with its highest broadcast ever, already earning a season three renewal.

The sexy drama follows government operative Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh, in an Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning performance) in her quest to track down the gifted and prolific female assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer). Eve’s personal and professional relationships become strained as she and Villanelle become obsessed with each other.

Here’s everything you need to remember before watching season two of “Killing Eve.”

Spoilers ahead for the first season of “Killing Eve.”

We left last season with Eve just stabbing Villanelle in the abdomen

At the end of season one, tracker Eve finds assassin Villanelle’s Paris apartment, where the two meet and talk freely. Although Villanelle should kill Eve, she puts down her gun and relaxes on the bed with Eve, who stabs her in the abdomen with a knife from her waistband. Eve removes the knife from Villanelle’s bleeding stomach and leaves the bedroom in a panic. After a few gunshots from Villanelle, Eve returns to an empty room. Season two picks up 30 seconds after the end of season one.

Eve got fired, again

On the pilot episode, MI5 security officer Eve Polastri is fired for failing to protect an assassination witness from Villanelle. Her detailed research for the assassin, and her hunch that it’s a woman, lead her to a new gig as an MI6 secret intelligence tracker.

On the season one finale, Eve’s path leads her to discover that her boss, Carolyn Martens, head of the Russian Desk of MI6, may be a player in the major assassination conspiracy that Eve is unravelling. Carolyn fires Eve from her tracking job, but Eve defies Carolyn and goes to hunt down Villanelle anyway.

Killing eve
Eve got fired again. BBC America

Villanelle works for an organisation called The Twelve

Villanelle has never taken an interest in her bosses, but Eve uncovers that she is part of an organisation called The Twelve, which might be more associated with the Russian or British government than anyone realises yet.

Villanelle may or may not be a psychopath

The charismatic killer who likes to watch the life drain from her victims’ eyes and is able to laugh at dead bodies, also has a soft spot for older dark-haired women. She replaces an obsession with a former schoolteacher for Eve, sending her beautiful clothing, refusing to assassinate her, and professing a genuine affection for her.

It seemed like to two would finally act on their attraction on the season finale, until Eve stabbed her.

Killing eve
The show has gotten great reviews. BBC

Konstantin is both a Russian agent and Villanelle’s handler

More than halfway through season one, it was revealed that Konstantin, Villanelle’s point of contact for assassination assignments, is not only a government intelligence agent but also a friend and ex-lover of Eve’s boss, agent Carolyn Martens. Villanelle is tasked to kill Konstantin and shoots him. Carolyn later reveals to Eve that Konstantin died from the gunshot.

The show is gaining in popularity

Premiering on BBC America, the Phoebe Waller-Bridge-written and produced creation has a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes and has gotten praise for its well-written and complex female characters. Villanelle’s fashion choices have made headlines as well as its cool soundtrack, and the acting from the two leads.

The series is based on Luke Jennings’ “Codename Villanelle” novella series and earned two Emmy nominations: one for Sandra Oh for best actress in a drama series and one for best writing for a drama series. The show also earned two Golden Globe nominations, for best actress in a drama series and best drama series, garnering a win for Oh.

“Killing Eve” airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. in the US on both BBC America and AMC.

Season one is available to binge on Hulu.