Killing Bernie Madoff

There’s no doubt that Bernie Madoff’s alleged crimes have made him the villian of the moment. We’d like to think we take second to no one when it comes to outrage at the destruction of wealth perpetrated by Madoff. But we’d be wrong for the simple fact that we’re not murderously mad at Madoff yet. And murder is what a lot of people have on their mind.

Take the excample of Howard Sirota, a New York securities lawyer who had clashed with Madoff over a decade ago and now wants to kill him. From Bloomberg:

In 1994, Sirota defended a broker-dealer in a National Association of Securities Dealers disciplinary proceeding led by Madoff, who interrupted him repeatedly, according to the lawyer. When Sirota alluded to the Holocaust to make a point, saying his client shouldn’t “be marched naked in the snow to the ovens,” Madoff accused Sirota of making light of Hitler’s genocide, the lawyer said.

“This sanctimonious hypocrite who lectured me about trivializing the Holocaust cheated numerous Jewish charities, including small ones that can’t survive,” Sirota said in an interview. “I’d love to put a hatchet in Bernie Madoff’s head, and I know there are other Jews who feel that way.”

Yow! And then there’s the graphic for this item, which was produced by Cityfile. “Did Bernie Madoff steal your life savings or bankrupt your non-profit organisation? Are you Mort Zuckerman or Steven Spielberg? We’re here to help! If you happen to be a gun enthusiast—or you enjoy the occasional game of darts—we’ve created a Bernie “silhouette” for you to use the next time you head to the range or bar,” Cityfile explains.

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