15 Incredible Employee Perks That Will Make You Wish You Worked At A Startup

maya uberStumbleUpon gives employees $100 of Uber car service credit every month.

Photo: Uber Blog

Life at a startup can be less than glamorous with long hours and a chaotic environment.Most startups have little cash to throw around on amazing perks, but a few offer employee benefits that could rival those of Fortune 500 companies.

Mashable‘s Lauren Drell interviewed a bunch of startups with awesome perks and ranked their offerings from “standard” to “amazing.”

We hunted for some other amazing perks.

Here are the best of the best.

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Eventbrite, the online ticket registration startup, offers its employees weekly massages, acupuncture, and chiropractor sessions.

StumbleUpon and ZocDoc offer 100% medical, dental and vision coverage for employees and their dependents.

Fab, an ecommerce site for design, offers weekly drawings for $500.

ZocDoc, Thrillist, Business Insider, ModCloth, Evernote, and Foursquare offer infinite sick and vacation days. Thrillist gives you your birthday off too (paid).

Uber, a black car transportation startup, offers employees free, unlimited car service. They could even use Ubers to commute to work for no cost.

StumbleUpon offers employees $100 of Uber car credit per month and Tumblr pays for a car service if you have to work late.

Evernote offers unlimited vacation days and gives employees $1,000 to jet-set. Why? CEO Phil Libin hopes the break from work will leave employees feeling refreshed for the job.

With yoga classes running upwards of $30 a pop, Tumblr, Eventbrite, Rent the Runway, ModCloth, and Asana provide classes for free.

After 2 years at the company, Lot18 will give you either a full month off of paid leave or 2 weeks off paid and two tickets to anywhere in the world you want to go.

Dropbox gives its workers the option to build or buy their dream computers. There's also a decked out music studio with a complete drum set, Whiskey Fridays and laser tag.

Video startup Qwiki will pay for your commute every day, whether it's your gas, bike or train ticket.

GetGlue, a social entertainment startup, reimburses all employees who purchase iPads.

ZocDoc, Warby Parker and StumbleUpon offer catered lunches everyday.

ZocDoc's top sales people get a President's Club trip to a tropical island.

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