Scary, late hit by Dolphins defender gives Joe Flacco a concussion and starts scuffle between both teams

  • Miami Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso delivered a late hit to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s head while Flacco was sliding after a run.
  • Flacco immediately signalled for help while he was on the ground as a scuffle broke out between both teams.
  • Flacco left the game and was diagnosed with a concussion.

The Miami Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens “Thursday Night Football” game turned ugly after Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso hit Joe Flacco with a late and seemingly dirty tackle.

In the second quarter, Flacco scrambled for a first down and slid as Dolphins defenders surrounded him.¬†As Flacco hit the ground, Alonso launched at him, hitting Flacco’s head with his shoulder.

Flacco immediately signalled for help from the sideline, clearly dazed, as Ravens defenders then went after Alonso, starting a brief scuffle.

Here’s the hit:

Tony Romo criticised Alonso’s hit after.

“Alonso way too aggressive,” Romo said. “Quarterback’s giving himself up, you need to at least show restraint at the end of that.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was furious and got in Alonso’s face as a referee got in between them.

Flacco was able to get up and leave the game on his own, but the Ravens later announced that he had sustained a concussion and was in concussion protocol.

According to ESPN, NFL rules state that defenders must pull up from their tackle as soon as a runner begins to slide feet first. If a defender has committed himself, it is not an illegal hit unless they make forcible contact with the head or neck area of the runner.

This is the second time this season that a Thursday NFL game has been marred by a scary hit. Though Alonso’s hit on Flacco didn’t appear as gruesome as Danny Trevathan’s hit on Davante Adams, it nonetheless was a frightening scene that serves to remind the risk of playing football.

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