Kiefer Sutherland Stars In A New, Funny Axe Ad—Here's Today's Ad Brief

Kiefer Sutherland, the man who will always be known as 24’s Jack Bauer, is the new frontman in an ad for Axe. The spot (above) was created by BBH New York and actually shows a different, sweeter side to Sutherland and the body spray (which usually has highly sexualized scenarios of women ripping off men’s clothing as soon as they spray on Axe). Watch the commercial to see Sutherland lament over high school crush Susan Glenn. 

A study by Ace Metrix finds that funny ads and Super Bowl ads aren’t more effective than straight commercials; funny ads can even decrease desire or purchase intent than un-funny ads.

GoldSpot Media launched a three screen, flash-less ad management platform for advertisers that measures digital ads and creates traffic across PCs, tablets, and smartphones.‘s name has changed to now that the company has ended its relationship with Microsoft.

Ogilvy has been named lead agency for Nesquik, one of many Nestle brands that the agency now services.

Jeff Kling has joined Fallon Minneapolis as chief creative director.

Ad Age compares Edgar Allan Poe to … Geico commercials?

Take a look inside Anheuser-Busch’s digital strategy at Digiday.

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