Kiefer Sutherland Should Really Start Thinking About Club Soda

Kiefer Sutherland’s hard-drinking ways look like they could get in the way of the next season of 24.

After his drunken, head-butting of a fashion designer Jack McCullough (a fashion designer, really Kiefer? Was there no rogue military contractor intent on detonating a dirty bomb available?), he is ready to turn himself into to New York cops.

The hitch is that the dust-up could be a violation of the parole terms from his drunken driving conviction in 2007, for which he served 48 days in the pokey.  If any court action comes it could get in the way of 24’s eighth season, acording to THR’s Live Feed blog.

“Part of his probation is likely to obey all laws, so the judge in L.A. will look closely at the New York case,” said criminal defence attorney Richard Hirsch, who added that a penalty might be harsher if Sutherland was intoxicated during the skirmish. “He can send him back to jail, sentence him to community service, that’s all negotiable and would depend on the outcome in New York.”

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