Two guys blew away John Williams by playing the 'Star Wars' theme on his lawn

Normally, waking up to the sound of trumpets outside your house would be jarring. 

But this was an exception.

13-year-old trumpeter Bryce Hayashi and lower flugelhorn player Michael Miller stopped by world-famous composer John Williams’ house in Los Angeles. Williams composed the music for “E.T.”, the “Star Wars” franchise, and the “Harry Potter” movies, among many other classics.

The two young musicians had spontaneously decided to stop by Williams’ house and belt out a rendition of the “Star Wars” theme. Their performance was so good that instead of prompting a noise complaint, Mr. Williams came out of his house to compliment the boys. 

“I started to listen, I thought, they would never make it, and they did!” Williams said to them before calling their performance “fantastic.”

Being complimented by John Williams is probably on every musicians’ bucket list.

Watch the clip below:

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