The entire internet cringed after seeing this video of a kid tripping and destroying a $1.5 million painting

Everyone is feeling really bad at the same time today after watching this viral video of a kid getting into some accidental trouble at an art exhibition in Taiwan.

According to news channel Focus Taiwan, the boy is 12-years old and tripped holding a drink.

Here’s how it went down via the surveillance video they say was provided by the exhibition:

It started innocently enough, with the boy standing idly by while people check out the painting in question behind him. The piece is a 17th Century oil painting called “Flowers,” by Paolo Porpora, according to Focus Taiwan.

Then, for some reason, he gets a little wobbly next to the rope guarding the painting.

At that point, there was no stopping the momentum, and the unthinkable happened (here’s the part where the internet cringed at once).

Oh, that’s just not very good at all, poor kid.

An expensive mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.

Focus Taiwan says the organisers say that they won’t make the boy and his family pay for the damage to the ~350-year-old painting.

And in case you were wondering that the painting looked like before this went down, here it is:

You can see the whole event in video here:

 h/t Mashable

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