This Guy Created A Kickstarter To Buy A Burrito -- Here's How Much Money He Raised

Just how good is a Chipotle burrito? With your help and money, Noboru Bitoy wants to find out.

You’re probably scratching your head right about now. Has this guy never had a Chipotle burrito? (Who cares?) Why does he need my money? (Because it’s more fun to spend someone else’s hard-earned cash, that’s why!) Wait, what?

It’s actually quite simple, really. Bitoy launched a Kickstarter to fundraise money to buy a burrito.

There’s no reason for why he’s doing this other than that he can, BetaBeat points out.

He quickly reached his goal of 8 bucks. But then people wouldn’t stop donating.

He is currently up to $US193 in donations with 23 days left to fundraise.

But Bitoy now wants to deliver more, thanks to the outpouring of monetary support he’s received. So he changed his goals up a little. Now, when you donate money to Bitoy’s venture, BetaBeat reports Bitoy will deliver on the following:

For $US50, Mr. Bitoy will buy four burritos and consume them over the following days as a test “to truly see how the burrito flavour is changed when it is a leftover meal.” And for $US175 pledged, he’ll devour 24 variations of a chicken burrito and included a colourful infographic to help you map the flavorful walkabout.

CNET, who also reported on the Kickstarter, said it best: there are worse things you can spend a dollar on than someone’s enthusiastic burrito-based fundraiser.

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