Kickstarter Redesigns The 'Heart And Soul' Of Its Site, The Project Pages

Kickstarter has redesigned its project pages, where inventors and entrepreneurs can post their ideas and get funded by readers.

CEO Perry Chen says project pages are the “heart and soul” of his site; they drive 60% of all Kickstarter’s pageviews.

The tweaked project pages went live this morning.

Kickstarter’s blog outlines the changes:

  • Creator information is easier to find. Creator details are now prominently displayed closer to the top of the page.
  • Location and category are easier to find. Now isolated on the top right so they compete less with other info.
  •  Short description of project added. The short description has always been on project widgets, the homepage, and other pages but never on the project page itself. It’s the quickest way to get a sense of what the project’s about in the creator’s own words.
  • Launch date and funding end date added. Next to the short description are the launch date and the date when funding will end.
  •  Larger video. We made the entire left column larger, so now videos are bigger!
  • Design tweaks. We centered the title and creator name (more of a cinematic feel), made it more obvious when a project is successfully funded, adjusted fonts and spacing, and made lots of other touch-ups to make the page more cohesive.

And here’s what the new product page looks like:

product page kickstarter

Photo: Kickstarter

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