A Guy Raised More Than $US3 Million On Kickstarter By Reinventing The Cooler

An Oregon man who set out to reinvent the familiar cooler you take to the beach or on camping trips has already raised $US3 million for the project, and his fundraising effort is on track to possibly beat the Kickstarter record, The Oregonian reports.

Launched just four days ago, Ryan Grepper’s “Coolest Cooler” has raised $US3.2 million of his $US50,000 goal, and he still has 48 days to go.

Besides the design being aesthetically pleasing and being able to keep drinks and food cool, it includes just about every possible feature you might want to have for a fun day out:

It has a built-in ice crushing blender, storage for plates and a knife, bottle opener, USB charger for your electronics, Bluetooth speaker to listen to some tunes, and even an LED light so you can fish out a drink in the dark.

“It solves a lot of needs,” Grepper told The Oregonian.

The project is actually the second try for Grepper, who tried to raise money for his cooler but fell short of the goal last winter, according to The Oregonian. He was able to use that to his advantage this time by notifying his previous backers, thus giving him an early boost.

“I know firsthand how much fun it is to have a cooler with speakers, and a portable blender for beachside margaritas, because I built myself one of each around ten years ago,” Grepper writes on his Kickstarter page. “Last year I reexamined these well-loved creations and realised just how much room for improvement there was.”

The fundraising record on Kickstarter is the Pebble smartwatch, which raised more than $US10 million in 2012. Kickstarter tracking site Kicktraq shows the Coolest Cooler with a very optimistic trend towards beating that, although it’s very hard to project how much further it could go.

Backers who contributed at least $US165 will get one of the coolers, with an estimated delivery time of Feb. 2015.

Here’s video of the project:

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