This New 'Tinder For Parties' App Is A Parent's Worst Nightmare

It’s being called the “Tinder for Parties” app — Kick On will allow users to swipe right on events nearby.

The host of the event will then decide whether to include the swiper in the festivities and can share the address of the goings-on. And parents in Queensland, Australia are calling it “a nightmare” because it’s opening the doors for their kids to rowdy parties.

The Courier reports the app was founded by Brisbane-bred Charles Stewart “who said the app was a ‘fun new way to discover parties near you.'”

“It’s completely gone off. We knew there was going to be interest — but never like this,” he told The Courier.

But critics of the app say it’s not about the app itself, but the people who use it for all of the wrong reasons.

Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg told The Courier parents should not allow their children to use the app, calling Kick On “a perfect digital storm with the immature teenage brain and a technology that’s in the moment and of the moment.”

In Queensland, the penalties for organising a party that ends up getting out of hand, regardless of the host’s original intent of the event, are harsh.

The Courier reports,

Under the new laws, a person who organizes a party that becomes an out-of-control event, their parents or gate crashers, face a maximum penalty of 12 months jail or $US12,100.

The spokesman said if police faced aggravated and violent circumstances when shutting down wild parties, the party organisers may be faced with fines up to $US18,150 and three years in prison.

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