Laurence Fishburne Will Return As Morpheus In Kia’s ‘Matrix’-Themed Super Bowl Ad

Morpheus thumb
Morpheus challenged protagonist Neo to open his mind to a new world — which is what Kia wants to do with consumers. Screenshot/Warner Bros.

Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus character from the sci-fi classic “The Matrix” is unforgettable. His shaved head, pince-nez, gator skin trench coat, and calm way of speaking made him like a futuristic Zen master with Uzis.

And even though the last “Matrix” film came out in 2003, Morpheus is making a comeback in Kia’s upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII ad for its K900 luxury sedan.

Kia has yet to unveil the ad, produced by David&Goliath, but revealed some new details to Adweek.

A couple will encounter Morpheus at a valet stand, where he will offer them two keys — a spoof of the “red pill/blue pill scene” from the first movie. “Should they choose wisely, their perception of luxury — and Kia — will never be the same again,” Kia said. The three will then go on “an unforgettable ride.”

Fishburne told USA Today that viewers who have “preconceived notions of who I am” may change their minds after seeing the ad. That cryptic teaser suggests that the ad will probably be a lighthearted spoof.

The K900 is Kia’s first true luxury car, and will start at $US50,000. That makes it the most expensive car from the Korean company, but still more affordable than its competition from brands like Mercedes and BMW. As Business Insider’s Alex Davies pointed out, the car needs to sell only moderately well to be considered a success, since it represents a big step into new territory.

The Morpheus ad’s “The Matrix” reference will be symbolic of an attempt to drastically change consumers’ perceptions of the brand, which is usually associated with affordability.

Here’s a straightforward showcase of the K900:

This is the fifth straight year that Kia is advertising in the Super Bowl.