Kia Reinvented The Dashboard For Its New Concept Sports Car [PHOTOS]

Kia unveiled its new concept sports car at the Detroit Auto Show this week, and the GT4 Stinger is a far cry from the low-end models (advertised by dancing hamsters) the brand is best known for.

The rear-wheel drive concept sits barely above the ground. Under the hood is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 315 horsepower, controlled with a six-speed manual transmission.

But the detail that stands out the most to us is inside the car, and it’s the main thing any driver sees from behind the wheel: the dashboard.

Kia’s California-based U.S. design team threw out the usual instrument panel setup, and mounted the speedometer, tachometer, and a few other things on a see-through display. It’s a wild new look, fitting for an out of the ordinary concept car:

Here’s another angle:

A better view of the sleek, driver-oriented interior:

The Korean automaker says there are “currently no plans” to put the GT4 Stinger into production, but “Kia has a history of delivering production vehicles that bear a strong resemblance to the concept that preceded them.”

Hopefully that history will soon include delivering this crazy instrument panel to a car Americans can put in their driveway.

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