KHL hockey game cancelled after 3 minutes when player tries to fight everybody on the other team

A KHL preseason game descended into chaos Tuesday after Barys Astana defenseman Damir Ryspayev took a cheap shot to a HC Kunlun Red Star player.

As the Kunlun player laid on the ice, Ryspayev then decided he was going to fight the entire other team.

Just three minutes into the first period, a massive brawl broke out as Ryspayev went from player to player, punching wildly.

Let’s follow him on the journey.

Fight No. 1:

Fight No. 2:

Fight No. 3 (with his original opponent, who clearly wants no part of him):

And fight No. 4, the grand finale, where Ryspayev takes on the whole bench:

This is Willis Reed-esque determination.

Humorous as it may be, this is obviously intolerable behaviour. According to Deadspin, Ryspayev has no points and 194 penalty minutes in 23 KHL games.

The KHL announced he will be suspended the rest of the season.

Here’s the entire scene:

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