Kharma Out Of WWE Action Until 2012

It only took six months for WWE to hire Kharma (Kia Stevens), give her a month’s worth of teaser promos, interfere in a few matches, and never wrestle a single match before news broke that she would miss the rest of the year due to health reasons. I don’t want to call it Dustin Runnels’ short lived gig in WCW as Seven, but the Kharma invasion of the WWE Divaswill go down as a squalid waste of potential. and others are reporting that Kharma is pregnant, which is the cause of the absence and the painful blow off segment on Raw last Monday. In a 4-on-4 Divas match that lasted about five seconds, Kharma’s music hit, but instead of dropping Divas she knelt in the ring and began to cry. The cherry on top of Triple H‘s continued misuse of talent was that when Raw came back from commercial, Kharma was still in the ring, teary eyed and not doing anything, followed by another commercial break 10 seconds later.

The reason I’m so bummed out about this news was because Kharma’s presence was instantly bringing new life to a Divas division that was barely clinging to life.

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