KFC Is Counting On These New Menu Items To Save Business In China

Kfc chinaKim Kyung Hoon/ReutersKFC’s staff wait for customers at its restaurant in Beijing October 9, 2013.

KFC parent company Yum Brands was hard-hit by a Chinese food safety scandal.

The company cut the profit outlook in a recent earnings announcement. Sales in China fell 14% in the most recent quarter as consumers doubted the brands’ quality.

Executives told analysts that it is counting on some new rice dishes to revive sales. Because these dishes are seen as more high-end, the KFC team believes that they could improve perception of the brand.

Here’s the “Bacon Mushroom Chicken Rice.” It features crispy, boneless chicken in a bacon mushroom sauce with rice and a side of pickles.

This “Teriyaki Chicken Chop Rice” has a bone-in piece of chicken with rice in a sweet sauce.

And here’s the “Curry Pork Chop Rice,” featuring fried pork and vegetables in a spicy sauce.

KFC is the largest restaurant chain in China, with more than 4,500 locations.

A supplier for KFC and McDonald’s was shut down in July after a news report showed factory workers using expired meat.

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