The Guy Who Got A Raw Chicken Sandwich From KFC Explains Exactly What Happened That Day

kfc raw chicken sandwich

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A gross picture of a very undercooked KFC chicken sandwich made its rounds on the web a few days ago, and now we have a detailed explanation of what happened straight from the guy who bit into that sandwich.According to his account, it appears that the KFC location handled the situation quite well, although it was obviously at fault in the first place.

The customer, Doug, explained to us in an email:

On August 31st, I went to the KFC in Cambridge with my brother. We each bought the Wicked Zinger Box Meal to go, as well as some popcorn chicken, and took it home. We sat down to eat and I started talking with my brother and eating my sandwich. In the middle of that I looked down and noticed exactly what you see in the pictures. I immediately asked my brother to check his own sandwich, which he tore open. Although it was slightly undercooked in the centre, it was mostly white (nothing like mine). 

We drove back to the restaurant and showed the lady who dealt with us earlier (she was only doing the cash). She was disgusted and called the manager. After seeing the sandwich, he went to the back to see who was the individual in charge of making them. He returned and offered to make my brother and I a new sandwich personally. I advised that I was not interested in having another one of those sandwiches again. He took my name down and advised that I would get a free meal the next time I went in, which I said I wouldn’t expect to happen. 

I went onto the KFC Canada website and filled out a feedback form. Once I did not receive a response, on September 4th I posted the picture on KFC Canada’s Facebook page, as well as my own. Within 10 minutes, KFC Canada commented on it and asked that I call their 1-800. I called and did a report with them. They advised that they would be looking into it and getting back to me. I have not heard back from them as of yet.

My friend Greg shared the picture on his own Facebook and then signed up on to post it on there as well. We were not expecting this to get all the attention that it did. Greg just thought that it was crazy and disgusting that this would have happened and wanted people to know about it. 

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