KFC Manager Says He Was Fired For Refusing To Sell 'Rotten' Chicken

KFC Chicken

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/BrokenSphere

A Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise owner is being sued by a former manager who claims he was terminated “for refusing to sell rotten meat” in the Oregon restaurant.Chris Morran at The Consumerist tracked down the details of the lawsuit, which was filed Tuesday (you can also view it at Courthouse News).

In it the plaintiff claims his boss changed the “kill date” on poultry labels, and says that when he threatened to notify the Oregon Health Dept., he was fired and told there had been “complaints about his management.”

The suit identified another general manager who allegedly resigned in April 2011 because “he could not stand serving rotten chicken to families anymore” and that the owner had forced him to serve poultry that was “turning green and was several days beyond the expiration date,” according to the suit.

KFC’s policy requires all “fresh chicken be served or discarded within 12 days of the ‘kill date’ stamped on the box.”

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