We tried KFC's new Cheetos sandwich — and it was shockingly good

Irene Jiang / Business InsiderKFC’s new Cheetos sandwich is the stuff of adolescent dreams.

Star-crossed lovers Cheetos and fried chicken will finally unite in holy-moly matrimony this summer.

In its first-ever collaboration with Frito-Lay, KFC on July 1 is releasing a Cheetos sandwich that will fulfil all your childhood dreams of cheese, crunch, and crispy fried chicken. The Cheetos sandwich will be only be available through the end of July, though KFC’s executive chef, Bob Das, told Business Insider that the chain is looking to continue to offer limited-edition mash-up menu items like this one.

We, your ever-faithful fast-food taste-testers at Business Insider, tried this love child of junk food and fast-food, and it was every bit as weirdly delicious as it was in our prepubescent dreams.

KFC Cheetos SandwichIrene Jiang / Business Insider

We didn’t know what to expect, but what we got was this: a soft potato bun stuffed with jagged crispy chicken, intensely orange artificial Cheetos sauce, and a fistful of Cheetos.

It was orange. Oh, so orange.

KFC Cheetos SandwichIrene Jiang / Business Insider

We were not prepared for the lactic magic that was about to happen.

KFC Cheetos SandwichIrene Jiang / Business Insider

The sharp, pungent, Cheetos cheese tang was the perfect match for KFC’s crispy-as-funk fried chicken. The Cheetos glued to the bottom with a swab of mayo added even more crunch to the bunch.

Business Insider’s senior retail correspondent, Kate Taylor, described the sandwich as “better than a salad” in every way besides nutritional value.

KFC Cheetos SandwichIrene Jiang / Business Insider

Cheetos and KFC’s fried chicken were a match made in heaven, and we’re so relieved that they were finally able to consummate their longtime, long-distance flirtation. Congratulations to the happy couple and props to KFC for making our childhood dreams come true.

KFC’s president, Kevin Hochman, told Business Insider that KFC is looking to do more collaborations with other major brands, such as the Cinnabon dessert biscuit that launched earlier this year.

We can’t wait.

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